Thursday, May 24, 2012

The first zine of the institute

The Return of Unmedicated Happiness (ROUH) issue one is out now! The first official zine released by the Sunshine Coast Zine Institute, Rouh is a collaboration between long time zinster Adam Obscene and relative new comers, but no less talented, DedBeat and Scutch.

The photocopied b/w A5 zine consists of 44 pages of Lino prints, sketches, doodles, stencils and spray paint splatter.

The whole thing is a chaotic mash up of the contributors styles, with many of the pages layered and pasted and copied and molested many times before finally being left alone to settle together in the analogue zine realm.

The return of Unmedicated happiness is available for the princely some of $4.50 at the Time Machine 101 Currie St Nambour and Freaks Like Us, shop 1/80 Howard St. Nambour or you can message the institute Facebook page
Or email

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Memory lane paste up project

Today was the first day of the Memory Lane paste up project in the village laneway in Caloundra off Bulcock St.

The artists involve today were Eltsyrk, Goda Di, Obscene, the Projects from Melbourne and a bunch of really cool local kids.

The images were sourced from community and the sunshine coast libraries heritage collection.

Here is a couple of pics of the progress so far.