Thursday, August 1, 2013

We are planning the next  ANALOGIC Stall-a-rama !

Whats on EARTH is an  ANALOGIC Stall-a-rama  I hear you ask? 

Projection Art
ANALOGIC Stall-a-rama is a mini DIY indoor creative gathering showcasing emerging designers, creatives and artists.  The Zine Institute ran the first one last October and we wanna do it again!!!

It’s all about the creative community and the essence of doing it for your self. We want to promote and support all designers’ artists and creatives, and rejoice in the hand made analogue culture of creativity. 

ANALOGIC Stall-a-rama aims to showcase the creative, independent and quirky.

Live music and performances
Be it:
- Brilliant vintage 

- Artwork 
- Bric-a-brac 
- Clothing 
- Jewellery
- Seconds 

- Hand-made 
- Shoes 
- Records 
- Music 
- Badges 
- Cards
- Handmade paper 
- Zines Zines Zine & name it!

So if you make or love any of these things........ YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET INVOLVED!!

Here is a quick video of last years ANALOGIC Stall-a-rama- Thanks to Jacinta White for the pix and obscene for the music and back yard edits.

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Handmade things

Nice people and bar

Retro Vintage and Collectibles

Exhibitions and displays

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